Tuesday, February 13, 2007

As part of the plans to relaunch IRGLUS we have submitted a session proposal under the title of “Owners, Judges and the Decline of Public Interest: Expropriation in the XXI Century”.


Expropriation of land has been a major instrument in the hands of the state to reshape both the urban space and property relations. In recent decades, it has been contested both from social movements against evictions and from the rise of 'property rights movements'; thus the notion of 'public interest' is subject to a new revision. Changes in the law on this subject not only reflect changes in the relation between state and society in urban processes, they also create new conditions for the development of that relation.

Is has been suggested that there is a trend towards convergence in the law of eminent domain, as part of globalization processes. However, there also seems to be huge differences between national contexts (e.g. a massive use of expropriations in China as part of economic growth, vis a vis a reduction in Mexico and other countries with structural adjustment programs).

The session will encourage comparative analysis of national situations, and their respective international contexts, with a particular emphasis on the role of the judiciary in shaping the use of expropriation of land for urban and infrastructure projects.

Other activities

Apart form the session proposal we will organize another session devoted exclusively to discuss IRGLUS new agenda and activities (including the election of the new coordinator) so it can become fully operational once again.

Conference Schedule

The general meetings will run from Wednesday, July 25, beginning at 8:15 am, through Saturday, July 28th concluding after the early-evening reception. Sessions are one hour and forty-five minutes in length. Lunch is provided each day. Receptions are planned for Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.